Price Guide.....

Bespoke Handmade Cake Toppers

Mini-Couple $125 US

A standard 2 figure couple in a standing pose would be 125 US dollars or 95 British Pounds.

Please find the price guide below. A personalized quote would be provided for each request. In general, a standard 2 figure couple would be 125 US dollars or 95 British Pounds.

Price Guide

Standard* 2 Figure Mini-Couple $125

2 Figures in Indian Attire $145

Bride and Kilted Groom $145

2 Figures in Sport/Team Jerseys $145

2 Figures in Military Uniforms $145

2 Figures in Emergency Uniforms $145

Dog or Cat $20

Addition Figures

Rabbit/ Lizard/Guinea Pig $15

Children $40

Please contact me for a quote for props or items not included in the list above

YES, I ship World Wide!

The cost of shipping is $20 for North America and $30 for all other countries.

The Simple Easy Peasy Ordering Process...

The first step: Click the button below or email and check my availability.

The second step: Once I confirm the date you need your topper by, I ask for a $40 non-refundable deposit.

The third step: I will send along a small questionnaire for you to fill out, which you will fill out and return to me with your images.

The fourth step: I will create the figures based on the info you send. I then send you photo of the topper for your approval. From there, I will then bake the figures and prepare them for the post. At that point, the balance will be due.


For any inquiries please email

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