Placing an order....​

So you would like to have your own Mini-Couple. Good for you, and I am so excited!

Let's Get Started!!

Please fill out the short form below. That way, I know what to call you, what you are looking for, and most importantly, when you need your bespoke handmade figures by. Once I receive your form, I'll usually respond in a couple of hours to confirm if your date could fit into my diary and give you a detailed quote. There is a price guide for you on this website, and generally 2 figures will be $185US including shipping to anywhere in North America. Once the order is confirmed, a non refundable deposit of $40 will be required. The final balance will not be due until the figures are completed, approved by you and ready for the post.


If you prefer to email me instead of filling out the form, you can find me at:

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